July 25, 2016

I’ve decided to keep a log of my writing. It seems like a good idea. Not sure how well I’ll be able to keep it up, but I think it will be beneficial.

Lately, I’ve been writing non-fiction. Strangers & Aliens is a  book on exotheology. I’ve got most of it done. I got a little bit sidetracked with the Gray Barker stuff. It’s amazing how much of this UFO stuff is connected to this fellow from West Virginia. I have recently decided to excise his material from S&A and give him his own book: The Truth Is Fantastic!

I’m currently slogging through the last of S&A, but my mind is full of Barker stuff. I’m also chomping at the bit to return to fiction, particularly Soulbright, Dreadknights 2 and Mann from Midwich.

Anyway, all caught up, so…

Last night’s writing consisted of a paragraph about Kenneth Arnold. God sidetracked researching Gray stuff. I bought a copy of Space Review off Amazon. I noticed that there was an advert for Tape-Respondents, International [TRI] in there, which explains where Barker likely picked up the habit of sending taped messages. Bender was a big advocate of this. Sent an email to Houchin with an old article about it. It helps to document finds like that, which is one of the reasons for this log. Also watched a 1950 documentary “The Great Flying Saucer Mystery” on Youtube. Thought there might be a connection to Bender’s statement that “the flying saucer mystery is no longer a mystery.” There wasn’t; just Augie Roberts’ gormless statement that he thought UFOs were from outer space and that they were friendly.

Correction: that isn’t Bender’s statement. That entire paragraph uses quotes. He’s quoting someone, but who? He says that someone he sent something to advised him not to print his fantastic revelation. But who? And what did Bender send them? The list of suspects includes the new fellow they sent the copper fragment to, Coral Lorenzen [she got her own fragment and had recently joined the ISFB’s International Council after a shake up in the leadership at IFSB; is it weird that the sign board incident, involving a joint investigation by IFSB and APRO, happens right after she joins?], an unnamed financial backer [as accused by Lorenzen] perhaps even Ray Palmer. A lot to investigate and this isn’t even the book I’m supposed to be writing right now. Frustrating.




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