July 26, 2016

I added some information about the Shaver Mystery to Strangers & Aliens. I’m now at Chapter 6: It’s All the Devil Anyway, a chapter dealing with the contactee/abductee movement. Found out that Richard Shaver, according to his wife Dottie, believed in God 18 days before he died. Up until that time, he was an extreme materialist. Palmer, of course, was a spiritualist.

Why did Ray Palmer name himself as Robert N Webster, the pseudonym he used for Fate, in the IFSB when he had already been out as Ray Palmer in the Other Worlds, the magazine the IFSB first advertised in?

Speaking of spiritualists, I noted that Meade Layne’s organization sent a “Statement of Importance” to the FBI on July 8, 1947, shortly after the Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting advocating the Etherian explanation to the UFO mystery.

My theory is that the Etherian theory is the “fantastic” truth that Bender believed.

In any case, at the end of the day, I received an email from Bob Weaver. Previously, I had asked him about some details around a picture of Gray Barker on an as-yet-unidentified TV show set. He referred me to a fellow named Bryson VanNostrand who wanted to know if either of us had any info on Gray’s days at the Cinema V in Buckhannon, WV. Apparently, Bryson’s intent is to restore a cinema in Buckhannon which Gray operated in the 1970’s, and celebrate his life and influence in American’ pop culture. I located a college year article (from Fairmont State Techers College) that demonstrated that Gray definitely took film seriously even back when he was training to be a teacher.

I also came up with a theory that might connect Bob Weaver and the problems of Cinema V to the re-entry of Gray into the saucer field by means of the Gray Barker Newsletter. I sent a letter to Dave Houchin to confirm the date of the first Gray Barker Newsletter


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