July 27, 2016 thru August 2, 2016

I went on vacation to Blackwater Falls and Seneca Rocks in the WV Highlands this weekend so I didn’t get a whole lot of writing or researching done. Before I left, I got a bit more done with Strangers & Aliens, but frankly I got sidetracked with research for the Barker book. 

I’m still writing the chapter called It’s All the Devil, Right? Added some stuff about Meade Layne and Etherianism. I want to note that it can’t all be demons because some of it is psychological and some of it is also made up. I know some Christians still see mental illness as demonic in origin, so I’m trying to be careful to make a distinction between the two. I drove by the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum on the way down to Blackwater Falls. I cannot get over how big it was! It was a city unto itself, easily as large as the University of Cincinnati campus. I didn’t have time for a tour but I popped into the lobby and the gift shop. As I viewed the posters for their Silent Hill inspired Halloween tours, I found myself thinking that the common theme of persons with disabilities is their exploitation by those without disabilities. I may have to write a book on this (From the Asylum to Inclusion?) later. 

Houchin got back to me about Gray Barker’s Newsletter #1 and his correspondence with Rev Daw. George Fawcett was mentioned so I dug into him a bit. Per Moseley, Fawcett’s introduction to Ufology was to claim he was quitting after 5 years (in Space Review). He went on to help found several UFO organizations. I now have a copy of the issues of Space Review. There was an obvious ideological difference between Bender and his associate editor Max Krengel over what looks like Layne’s Etheric theory. This lends credence to Bender’s claim that there was some fierce disagreement in the IFSB’S  leadership over the supernatural angle.

I also did some research into Don Mcculty. He is mentioned in several of Barker’s books. Interestingly I found a mention of Cinema V in Barker’s last book in connection with being interviewed by Bill Moore there (not to be confused with an interview Barker conducted on Moore shortly after his 1979 Philadelphia Experiment book was published). I also found out from Houchin that Mcculty and Barker were actually professional rivals in the movie business. I was actually driving through places I’ve researched on this trip: Weston, Buckhannon…  That was very different.

I had a breakthrough on one of the burning questions that led me on this merry quest after Gray Barker. John Keel mentioned a letter from Gray regarding WPAFB and Eisenhower. I assumed that he was mistaken about the source of the Gerald Light letter. Then I stumbled on a reference to the Steinman-Barker letter. I can add this to the list of Hoax letters: John Keel’s “Blunt” letter, the Bobby Kennedy letter, Straith and it’s several pals (obviously)… I need to be keeping a list of these hoaxes as I find them.

I made the mistake of contacting Terry Hurlbut with a research question for S&A. He contends that God’s holiness would be impugned if unfallen aliens were allowed to come into contact with fallen man. I thought it was balderdash but I wanted to hear him out. After a few exchanges he “denounced” me as an apostate for reasons I still cannot fathom, unless that’s simply his special word for daring to disagree with him. Maybe it was the fact that I mentioned I write scifi. Who knows?


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