April 18-20, 2017

I’ve spent the past few days retooling the Arena scene in Mot Hadrall. I ultimately decided to keep it because it [a] shows that Copper is certainly still a contender without his signature weapon and [b] provides a handy way to introduce Auric Lothario into the mix while giving readers a taste of what arachnedragons are capable of… although honestly I might take the arachnedragons out of the scene entirely and replace them with either a double-headed serpent or an amphisbaena. An arachnedragon plays a major role in a future book in the series and I think I want to save them exclusively for the Temple of Death scenes.


Otherworld’s amphisbaena have tails like scorpions, except there is a dragonish head at the end of the tail and another dragonish head at the front on a shorter neck. Otherwise, the amphisbaena look like oversized chicken lizards. It holds its wings in an angled threat posture and uses its wing talons to lacerate its victims.


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