April 22, 2017

Had to do a bit of retro research through my notes to see if Team Copper was already defined. With the loss of the majority of his team in the Garden of Stone, he has entrusted Ember Skyfire with the task of assembling a team for the Mot Hadrall mission.

The other surviving members of the quest are Lord Arthur Edgerton, technomancer, and Alice Seventhborn, a naga medusan. Arthur lost his last steambot creation, but his newest one, Novem, is along for the Mot Hadrall adventure.

There is definitely a halfling. This character was meant to be the lover or sister of Tonks. Halflings can manipulate the emotions of those around them. This one, possibly named Nobbins, Dobbins or Po, desperately wants Tonks’ jerni (“jouney book: basically a journal that almost all halflings carry with them for posterity ever since they were driven from their traditional homelands).

There was originally slated a bone knight, named Sir Aloyisius Dunwich of Hounds Keep, and a dwarf warrior named Odin Orcfell. I’ve considered combining the character to become Sir Odin Dunwich of Hounds Keep, who has a weapon called Orcfell.

I still need a tank, independent of Novem.


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