April 24 to May 12, 2017

I’ve spent a bit of time writing in three separate books: Dreadknights 2, Soulbright and Mind’s Eye, mostly trying to get the timeline back on track.

It looks like the Level Up interview of Kenneth Gabriel (live from Otherworld!”) that reveals the next few Wildcard players will take place at the beginning of Mind’s Eye. Chronologically, it takes place just before the Champions reach Lantern Hill overlooking Mot Hadrall. Mind’s Eye follows Jarrod Seventhborn’s adventures in Mot Hadrall, picking up where Luckbane left off.

Soulbright continues to give me fits, mostly because I had a lot planned for it that it appears I would never be able to fit into one book. Chronologically, it is a parallel book to Luckbane, going further into Mot Hadrall. Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe it’s really two books. One that stops at the Battle of Cabon Gabrielle and another that deals with Mot Hadrall… What would that look like?

Dreadknights 2 takes place chronologically from Jarrod’s arrival on Lunabase to the Battle of Everwylde Woods. Most of that book is written. It just needs fleshed out here and there to make it makes sense with Dreadknights 3 which will put Christine Johannsen in the field with an experimental nanosuit that allows her to play her Ogress Bloodskull character in person – even as a necr’ogre!



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