June 23 to July 13, 2107

Did a week’s worth of binge writing and I’m now only a few chapters from the end. More members of Copper’s team are dead, there has been a surprising development with Copper’s render. Aloysius Wayne suffers a crisis of his own and Copper completes his transformation. Also established covfefe as a cussword in the future

I am approaching 126000 words on this book. The current version of Luckbane (including its Game Roster and a chapter excerpt from Garden of Stone) is 100448.

I’m not even sure how this ends. The render development change everything.

On another front, I’m thinking about releasing Strangers & Aliens in two to three books so readers can choose to read it ala carte. After I revise it to make a better case for for the psychosocial hypothesis anyway.

I haven’t got titles for them yet but after I revise and expand the material in S&A, I will release the books by the sections they’re already divided into in the book now. People do not have the attention spans to read non-fiction at this length anymore.

Perhaps titles like Christian Futurism in a Sci-Fi World (Toward a Better Christian Futurism/Faith-based Sci-Fi as Explanatory Apologetic/The Intersection of Speculative Fiction, Speculative Science and Speculative Theology) Toward a Better Christian Ufology and Toward a Better Christian Exotheology

Toward A Better Christian Futurism is the title that would receive the most negative opinion though it flows better. I would have to make it clear that by better I mean less rigid since the Lord may tarry a few more 1000 years and/or the End may not turn out as Dispensationalists have charted out. No man knows the day nor the hour, and the scribes of Jesus’ day missed His incarnation despite all of their knowledge. It is hubris to think we have a lock on the future. A better Christian futurism recognizes this fact.




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