April 25 to May 12, 2018

I’ve made pretty good progress on Dreadknights 2. I’m up to 26,217 words as of Chapter 17 (Escort).

No, I haven’t abandoned Soulbright. It’s is still being tweaked and checked. The current word count is 134,658. Most of the edits are to ensure continuity in the timelines of my books. I did a bit of research within my books to make sure everything was matching up between the parts of Luckbane, Dreadknights 2, and Soulbright that happen to overlap. So far, so good.

While combing back through my notes, I found the following lost treasure.

This is a draft of Murphy “Razor” Hawkins’ insertion into the plot at Halcyon Bay. (Yes, he was originally named Ian rather than Murphy.) This was from a time when I was transitioning out of my original concept of the Game including Non-Player Character (NPCs) Guides and Protectors for each player character. Mule was originally a minotaur simulacrum assigned to protect one of the Champions.

I decided instead to make him Razor’s friend, as the question at the bottom of the notebook page suggests. This led to one of my favorite chapter openings in Luckbane:

“Do you have any money left?” the gutter mage asked.

His minotaur companion shook his head slowly.

Murphy Hawkins slunk down in his chair and ran a finger along the rim of his drink, cursing their abysmal luck for perhaps the thousandth time today. He was half-seriously considering just going back home to the farm.

Razor and Mule appear only briefly in Soulbright, but they have a much bigger part to play in Minds-Eye, which follows Soulbright.




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